Bi-vocational Preacher Podcast Episode 0006

May 29, 2015

IMG_2082In this 6th episode, Ronnie and Chris interview Bro. Josh Ball.

Ronnie and Chris talk to the youth pastor of Liberty Baptist Church, Bro. Josh Ball. Liberty Baptist is located in Chickmauga, Georgia. Bro. Josh has been the pastor there for 3 years. This is his first pastorate and was a member of the church just prior to becoming their pastor. Chris and Ronnie talk to Bro. David about how technology can help bivocational preachers be better prepared for ministry. Josh talks about balancing home with work and ministry. We also talk about youth and trying to impact young people for Christ in an age of skepticism. Josh made a great point: If you are going through a tough time, if it’s not good right now, God’s not done yet. God’s work will prevail.

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